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Date: 10/8/2006

Who talks about what? Jones and Silverstein

October 19th, I’ll be at Berry College in Rome, Georgia as part of the “Expression and Repression” series. I will try not to be repressed. The wiki they set up has me talking about (so far):

  1. What is Net neutrality and why should we care about it?
  2. How has copyright law in the United States been subverted by commercial interests, and what should we (as a society, as a people) do about it?
  3. What do you feel is the future of online file sharing, i.e music,videos and books, and its role in our society?

On October 26th, Googlist Craig Silverstein will be speaking to a growing crowd (almost 400 tickets delivered so far) on:

  1. Making more information searchable, with a focus on google book search and google scholar
  2. Making information more useful, with a focus on ‘expert ranking’ schemes such as google co-op/google health.
  3. Making information more accessible, with a focus on mobile computing, ubiquitous computing, etc.

Elvis, Amanda, EdCone and ConvergeSouth

All of them together in one brief video from Amanda Congdon at her AmandaAcrossAmerica site. You won’t be shocked that Ed is hyping next weekend’s ConvergeSouth conference whilst Amanda hypes the as yet unreleased “Dreaming in Code.” If you know Ed, you will be surprised that he is sooo stiff on video–even as a joke he must have had to work hard to be that unnatural. Ed is a very fluid guy.

Citizen Journalists shine light on Congressional Spouse-hirings

The Sunlight Foundation‘s Family Business Project asked citizen journalists to find out how many members of the House of Representatives have their spouses on the payroll.

In less than 2 days, “Citizen Muckrakers have investigated 437 members of Congress, and tentatively found 19 spouses who were paid by a member’s campaign committee-totaling some $641,200 since January 1, 2005.”

The organizers at Sunlight can hardly believe it themselves — and they promised to start the verification process on Monday.

Sunlight Labs
offers a number of cool tools for watching Congress and they promise more.

If you have skills, they are looking for an intern.

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