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Date: 10/13/2006

Knowledge Trust endorses Open Document Format

This morning, we (the Knowledge Trust) voted to join the Open Document Format Alliance. Marino Marcich, Managing Director of the ODF Alliance was there to answer any questions and Pat Schroeder, President and CEO of the Association of American Publishers was there to ask questions but to finally agree on the resolution which I had moved.

The Alliance began with 36 members in March of this year and now has over 320 members worldwide.

UNC Social Software Symposium – Dec 8 and 9

Fred announces the UNC Social Software Symposium on his blog:

It is my pleasure to informally announce the Social Software Symposium, to be held at UNC-Chapel Hill on December 8-9, 2006. The event will be a two day exploration of two burgeoning areas of social software: folksonomy and social networking websites. Drs. David Weinberger (Cluetrain, Small Pieces Loosely Joined), Nicole Ellison (MSU) and Cliff Lampe (MSU) will be featured attendees.

More details and more forthcoming on Fred’s blog.

Fred at Duke for TechTuesday

Cristin Paul, Program Coordinator for the Information Science + Information Studies (ISIS) program at Duke University, write with this alert:

What: ISIS TechTuesdays featuring Fred Stutzman
When: October 17, 2006, 12:00-1:15 PM
Where: John Hope Franklin Center 240, 2204 Erwin Road, Duke University, Derm, NC

Fred Stutzman, a doctoral student at UNC-Chapel Hill’s School of Information and Library Science, will be speaking about his work on, a project that allows individuals to control their online information. Fred’s research interests include social software and networks, identity production in digital worlds and cultural effects of social computing.

The goal of the biweekly TechTuesdays lunch forum is to create a shared dialogue around innovative uses of technology that spans Duke’s faculty, graduate student, and IT development communities. In doing so, TechTuesdays seeks to fuel increased collaboration and integration among Duke’s technology developers by allowing members to pool resources and expertise. Each TechTuesday session features a 30-40 minute project presentation followed by an open discussion. Lunch is provided at each meeting. Parking vouchers are provided for the Medical Center parking decks

Berry goes Bananas

The folks at Berry College have really loaded up the wiki with questions for me to answer! Doing a talk with this kind of conversation beforehand will be really helpful in keeping me from being a expert dropped in from a plane. They are challenging me in a very good way. I’m going to have to work hard to organize the talk and to add some wisdom if I can muster any ;->

The theme is “Expression, Repression & Association: What happens when intellectual property laws, social networks and privacy collide” and the wiki/open conversation with the folks there is definitely leading to some good and open expression. I already feel an association with them (in a First Amendment sense?). What about repression though? That’s in their questions (see the wiki).

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