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Date: 12/5/2006

Carrboro Commons goes live

J-school colleague Jock Lauterer alerts us to the new Carrboro online/offline news — the Carrboro Commons. The Commons is a lab production, completely with cracking electronics and bubbling liquids I suppose, of Jock’s Community Journalism classes.

He writes: “A 12-page tab print version will be out later this week. Then next month, the Web-based Carrboro Commons will be released every other week throughout the semester. Once we have the user registration system set up, folks will be able to sign in and comment about individual stories.”

Dean Griffiths on NC Peeps site

In case you missed it as I did the Bill Friday interview with Dean Jose-marie Griffiths is now posted at the North Carolina People site and it’s available as a podcast too. [iPod] or [MP3]

OpenID in SlashDot

Fred and ClaimID have been big in promoting OpenID. Now there is a Slashdot article and discussion open with over 175 comments when I last checked.

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