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Date: 12/24/2006

Phil Meyer on Citizen Journalism in LATimes and Guardian

Colleague Phil Meyer talks about Citizen Journalism in the LA Times in “Reporting’s mass appeal” reflecting on the past and how it will likely inform the present and the future. He ends with a great take away:

“I close every semester by saying, ‘I’ve just taught you journalism as it was practiced in my day. The journalism in your day is going to be different,’ ” Meyer said. ” ‘It’s up to you to invent it, please don’t mess it up.’ “

also cited at the Guardian UK

World Dominators – Libraries, Linux and Wikia

Jimbo Wales and Wikia announce a Google search competitor, Wikiasari, while Eric Raymond and Rob Landley map out Linux desktop plans for world domination by 2008. At the same time, librarians in Georgia release their F/OSS solution for library management.

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