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Date: 12/27/2006

Code 33 becomes Miami Manhunt – to air Thursday on A&E

Michael Galinsky writes to alert us that the film he (and others) made as Code 33 about the search for a serial rapist was expanded when the criminal escaped and was recaptured. Now Code 33, in its expanded version as Miami Manhunt, will run tomorrow (Thursday December 28) at 10 pm EST on A&E.

If you see this and manage to tape it, lemme know. I don’t have cable and can’t see A&E.

Edwards – Scoble connections

If you’ve been to any NC Blog events, you are aware of how aware of the web, social networks and blogs John Edwards is. He met with podcasters before Podcastercon, with some folks at ConvergeSouth, with others during danah boyd’s visit here this fall, etc. And those who he hasn’t met, Elizabeth Edwards has met. She is very very internet aware; her book will tell you how and why.

Now on the eve of Edwards’ probable announcement of his run for the 2008 Democratic nomination, Robert Scoble announces that he’s joining the Edwards campaign.

I’ve also heard that Matthew Gross is on the Edwards campaign.

All in all this will make for an interesting net.campaign for 2008. Who will be following Edwards onto the net?

Notes: Steve sends “John Edwards on youtube today announcing he will announce tomorrow [YouTube]” and the BBC and others have noticed that Edwards’ website accidentally had an announcement of his candidacy up already.

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