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Date: 1/1/2007

2006 of ibiblio

As the New Year begins I’ve been writing an annual reportish thing on my wiki. I’ve done some brief, but I hope interesting, stuff so far.

I’ve invited ibiblio contributors and staff and now you to add, expand, correct the wiki and to email me or to leave a comment here if you like with changes. Things left out may be things just not gotten to yet.

Please go ahead and have at it. Our year is also your year.

Watch this guy

According to the News and Observer, there are 7 people to watch in North Carolina in 2007. Why only seven when most places do 10 or more? Downsizing? Budget? No next three people as important as the seven noticed?

At any rate, Tom Jensen here in Chapel Hill is one of the seven. We’d gotten to know Tom and his political interests during Sally’s campaign and have kept in touch since. He’s definitely one to watch. Tom gets initial attention for his Sierra Club work, but there is much more along with that.

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