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Date: 1/3/2007

NYTimes oped in favor of Net Neutrality

Protecting Internet Democracy is the title of a very good pro-Net Neutrality in today’s New York Times.

For more on Net Neutrality, see

Poetry supporters and Stanza offenders

Rus of Poetry and Poets in Rags tells us that two papers other than News and Observer do a great job of publishing poetry — the Oregonian and the Washington Post — but they also screw up the lines and stanzas in their online versions.


Here’s May Swenson’s, after David Biespiel discusses it
[ in the Oregonian]

For doubles-spacing, the Washington Post does it all the time. Here’s Pinsky discussing O’Hara last month

Same poem with stanza breaks [at Book of Joe].

And here’s a poem by Dorianne Laux turned into a prose poem by the Oregonian.

Ragging helps – Song of Joy

I am much more joyous and I am sincere about my joy. The News and Observer folks fixed the stanza and lines breaks for the online version of “Song of Joy.” What got their attention was that I had to ask the Poetry and Poets in Rags folks to link to my version of the poem in which I had fixed the stanzas instead of the NandO page.

By this morning, the NandO page is as good as my own ;->

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