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Date: 1/15/2007

I like Brussel Sprouts

Or is that brussels sprout or … ?

While Sally was celebrating the legacy and continued work of Martin Luther King, Jr., I was doing taxi duty all over town for our teen.

The upside was that when we needed to grab a bite to eat we were very very close to one of this area’s best eateries, The Barbecue Joint. The Joint is the only place where I have ever gotten brussel sprouts intentionally. Their sprouts are the best. Cooked with a lot of garlic and lean bacon and sliced into thin rounds and still crunchy. And you get a lot! That and a bowl of Brunswick stew (keeping with the place named food) made with wild boar and chicken. Not sure if the chicken was wild or not.


Notables noticed at the Joint: Poet Jeffery Beam and Old Ceremonialist Django Haskins and pal. Not sure if any of them were eating brussel sprouts

OrangePolitics @ Berkman

Dan Gillmor of the Center for Citizen Media reports from Harvard’s Berkman Center about the Sunlight Foundation Conference where our neighbor Ruby Seinrich is talking about the Orange Politics.

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