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Date: 1/18/2007

Exile on Jones Street Exiled!

Old media reporters goes new media and hits the good ole boy wall as Kirk Ross found out when he left the Independent to write his insightful Exile On Jones Street blog.

At first all was just fine as the Indy was publishing articles from Exile as a weekly column. But after Ross became a front page blogger on BlueNC, he hit the wall.

The wall was/is the NC Capital Press Corps, an admittedly informal group with no written rules for membership. As a Indy reporter, Ross could probably be certified although he says he never tried. As a BlueNC frontpager, syndicated in at least two weeklies (Greensboro’s Yes! Weekly and Asheville’s Mountain Xpress), and blogger, he was suddenly considered a writer for an advocacy site. [I’m not quite right on this, Kirk has some clarification on this below in the comments].
Something seem wrong here? How about if I add that the head of the Press Corps is also a blogger? Mark Binker, a columnist for the Greensboro News and Record writes a good blog called Capital Beat. In fact, many members of the Press Corps blog and not all on their home paper’s site.
Kirk has the story from his side over on Exile. And readers at BlueNC are giving him suggestions and support.

Wicked up for sale

And about time too. After years of sitting vacant and less than one year as a somewhat stealth museum, the former Wicked Buritto reportedly up for sale.

I wrote about this about two years or so ago here and here and here and here and about another eye sore that is now an ugly fenced in vacant lot here.
You first job should you buy the building is to repaint it, please.

Has Been – William Shatner

Yesterday, I wore a tan v-neck sweater with a black t under it. Jenny accused me of looking like William Shatner which is fine by me.

But I tried to explain how wonderful his CD Has Been is. When I told her he does a piece there with Henry Rollins she lost it completely. “I can’t get behind that” is wonderful yelling.

Then Kristina heard me listening to Shatner’s cover of “Common People” and couldn’t believe it. I love that one too.

The CD has Rollins, Joe Jackson, Brad Paisley, Aimee Mann and Lemon Jelly as guests on various songs. All arranged by Ben Folds.

A class act.

Duke Scholarly Publishing panel

If the snow doesn’t stop me, I hope to be at this talk over at Duke:

Scholarly Publishing in the Digital Age

Date: 01/18/2007

Time: 4:30 PM

Location: 240 John Hope Franklin Center, 2204 Erwin Road (Parking available after 4pm at Pickens Clinic lot across the street on Trent)


Summary: Roundtable discussion on scholarly publishing in the digital age featuring: Steve Cohn, Director, Duke University Press; Jennifer Jenkins, Director, Center for the Study of the Public Domain, Duke Law School; Paolo Mangiafico, Digital Consultant, Duke University Libraries. Part of the Scholarly Publishing series co-sponsored by the Franklin Humanities Institute & Duke University Press.

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