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Date: 1/22/2007

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Bora-mania in Nature and Seed

Post-Science Blogging Conference interview with Bora Zivkovic in Nature and in the Nature Blog. Among other things Bora talks about The Open Laboratory: The Best Writing on Science Blogs 2006.

Science Blogs and Seed have links (at the top of the pages) to Bora’s conference writeups and pictures.

Lyceum-based TeachFor.US in LA Times

Last night, Sally and I watched Davis Guggenheim‘s The First Year, a moving and informative documentary that follows five teachers in their first year in the classroom.

We could have been reading Adam Geller’s blog of his first year teaching in St Louis with Teach For America, In the Lou. It’s much more dramatic than the documentary.

Adam’s adventures in teaching were just covered and linked to by the Los Angeles Times today.

The TeachFor.US blogsphere uses Lyceum and is hosted on

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