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Date: 1/27/2007

Watch this Space

Today was our space day.

It began with a trip to Raleigh to the Museum of Natural Sciences for Astronomy Day where Tucker and I took in the very cool Elumenati Dome, stumped the “Stump the Scientist” with a question about the size of the Radiosphere, asked “If the Sun were to be suddenly removed, how long would it be before the lack of solar gravity would be noticed on earth?” (and got no real answer — my own guess about 8 and 1/3 minutes, the time it takes for light from the sun to reach earth) and generally enjoyed visiting the exhibits.

We took a break for Odyssey of the Mind and a Neighborhood meeting, then watched 2001: A Space Odyssey. Tucker having read the book (more than once I might mention) had much more insight to the story than I had. And since he’d also read 2010, he had some other ideas about parts that were completely opaque to me.

Just had mail from Bora alerting us to the appearance of the Science Blogging Anthology at Daily Koz where a Science thread featuring some interesting objects in space are also noted. 

Death by Hot Tea

I just brewed up a cuppa and was sitting down to read papers when I read this post on Boingboing:

Murdered spy Litvinenko was killed with radioactive teapot

Now that’s what I call a cuppa HOT tea.

Fred-mania at EduCause

Fred Stutzman’s research and his blog are cited twice in the 2007 Horizon Report from EduCause.

How university administrators should approach the Facebook: Ten rules
(Fred Stutzman, Unit Structures, January 23, 2006)
This blog entry describes current trends around Facebook and recommends measures for university administrators.


social Networking: five sites You Need to Know
(Fred Stutzman, Unit Structures, June 14, 2006)
This blog entry gives an overview of five lesser known social networking sites and describes three emerging trends related to the use of such sites.

Desegregating Chapel Hill

Sally will be leading a panel at the Wilson Library on Tuesday January 30: Discussion, 5:30-7 pm, Pleasants Family Assembly Room, Wilson Library “Pressing the Hold-outs: The Desegregation Demonstrations of 1963-64”

On the panel will be:

Quinton Baker: Leader in the 1963-64 sit-ins; one of the protagonists of John Ehle’s book “The Free Men”
Karen Parker: Activist in the 1963-64 sit-ins; first black female to earn her undergraduate degree from UNC-Chapel Hill
Braxton Foushee: Activist in the sit-ins; graduate of Lincoln High School; later became a member of the Carrboro Board of Aldermen and the School Board
Erika Stallings: Current UNC-Chapel Hill student; active in Campus Y, Black Student Movement, and Student Government

Discussion at OrangePolitics (where Sally in a comment tells us of a previously unannounced guest of great importance)

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