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Date: 1/29/2007

Our farflung ibiblians

Mark McCarthy, now of the UN’s ReliefWeb and Jim Fullton, now of the World Intellectual Property Organization, just called from an Irish pub in Geneva, Switzerland. The Irish part appropriate for a McCarthy; the pub part predictable for a Fullton ;->

If the alphabet were geography, Dykki Settle, now with INTRAHealth, would be nearby (to Mark and Jim). He writes from Swaziland that he misses being there in Switzerland.

In the meantime, Beth “Icky” Lyons writes that she’s heading as far from Geneva as possible — to see summer in New Zealand whilst working on a Habitat home in Tauranga. You might be able to follow her adventures on her blog, Red Wagon.

Bora-mania — the interview

Science Blogging Conference co-conspirator Bora Zivkovic is interviewed at BrainShrub (on Odeo so’s you need Flash).

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