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Date: 2/2/2007

Let Us Ascertain You!

About 100 are bloggers (including me) were surprised by an eVite to a “Triangle Blogger Community Ascertainment” to be held at the incredibly inconvenient time of noon on a Monday. The host, a local TV station.

I’m sure you mean well, but geez TV guys — Geeks want drinks! And those start after 5. Doncha know, we bloggers are still in our PJs at noon? And the colors of the invite listing are white on light tan; we can’t read our buds’ names there. Yikes!

And we are assured that whilst we are being ascertained that “These meetings will not be taped. Notes will be taken by our staff. Tours of the station will be conducted.”

As of this writing, the eVite has 1 yes (from the organizer), 5 maybes (from folks complaining about the time), and 95 not yet replieds.

Greg Dekoenigsberg on One Laptop Per Child 2/8/07

WHO: Greg Dekoenigsberg (Community Development Manager for Red Hat)
WHAT: One Laptop Per Child
HOW: Live presentation at the TriLUG meeting
WHEN: Thursday, Feb 8, 2007 at 7pm.
ETC: This meeting (including the pizza) sponsored by InCentric Solutions. Open to the public.

At the February meeting of the Triangle Linux Users Group, Greg Dekoenigsberg, Red Hat’s Community Development Manager, will be giving a presentation on One Laptop Per Child (OLPC), a project started at the MIT Media Lab that will develop and market a $100 laptop to developing countries for use by children in educational settings. These laptops incorporate various innovations both to reduce cost and to make them appropriate for children in remote environments, including dual-mode screens that are readable in bright daylight, power via a hand crank, and ad-hoc wireless mesh networking. The laptops will run a Linux-based Operating System developed by Red Hat.

(Thanks to Cristobal Palmer for the alert)

Google Books in New Yorker

As well as, the Open Content Alliance, Larry Lessig, John Price Wilkin,‘s Scribe scanning machineall in an article by Jeff Toobin “Google’s Moon Shot”

Somewhat related, but Open Content not Google:
$2 Million Sloan Foundation Grant To Help Digitize Thousands of Books at Library of Congress

$2 Million grant to digitize brittle books at Library of Congress

(Thanks to Peter at LoC)

The Present of Human Computer Interfaces

Christian Carlberg at the 2.5-D Table

Not the Future, but Now. You’ve seen some of touch screens in the recent iPhone announcement.

Here’s Jeff Han of NYU at the TED Conference showing a big broad touch screen with gestures in action.

And the Northrop Grumman/Applied Minds TouchTable (several video demos here)

Xeni has a write up of a visit to Applied Minds in Wired that talks about the 2.5 D Terraintable here.

2005 Newsweek story on Danny Hillis and Applied Minds here (from whence the picture at left comes).

I saw a demo of the TerrainTable in 2005 and was very very impressed.

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