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Date: 2/7/2007

Nobelist Stiglitz at Duke Feb 16th

Now that Duke basketball fantasies have been shattered, it’ll be good to go over there next week and hear Nobel prizewinner (2001 Nobel Prize in Economics) Joseph Stiglitz (who teaches at Columbia) give the the sixth annual Meredith and Kip Frey Lecture in Intellectual Property.

Who: Joseph Stiglitz
What: “The Economic Foundations of Intellectual Property”
When: Noon:15 pm, Friday February 16
Where: Duke Law School, Room 3041

With Second Life, I’ve already cloned myself (as Said Goodnight) so yes I can be two places at one.

(Thanks to Jennifer Jenkins for the alert)

Greg deK on OneLaptop per — Thursday

Don’t forget this one.

Marchionini Talk in 2nd Life

Marchionini Talk Feb 16

Democratizing Music?

Yesterday in class, we discussed chapters in Eric von Hippel’s Democratizing Innovation.

Holly asked: Using an example relevant to the present day music industry status, do you think that Apple Inc. would benefit more from the iTunes/iPod industry financially by making it free or open source software instead of the highly restricted software that it currently employs?

Steve Jobs was releasing his answer to this question during our class! Here it is from the Apple site.

Briefly. Apple does DRM on iTunes because the music companies demand it. People who buy the music hate the restrictions. People who buy iPods hate the restrictions. Steve says the restrictions don’t work anyway. Maybe things will get fixed in Europe.

has the window into RealSteveJobs mind on this in his essay on the essay “Thoughts on ‘Thoughts on Music'”— and he is a much funnier writer.


JJB was invited to a blogger confab in NYC by WNBC. Here’s his report with pictures and links to WNBC video.

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