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Date: 2/8/2007

NC’s Arctic connection

Not the present weather, but Dr. Cary Fowler — once of Pittsboro — now in Norway with the Global Crop Diversity Trust where he is overseeing an ambitious plan to preserve our heritage seeds (described here by the BBC).

Reading Idolator so I don’t have to

Thanks to the News and Observer’s David Menconi for keeping me in touch with such important stuff as this 1963 recording of the Rolling Stones doing a Rice Krispee Jingle. Selling out early (and often).

Note to David’s editors:
Like many I read the Menconi postings via RSS so I, and others like me, may not show up when you count his readers. But we are here.

Kiki CamCam

Don is having fun reviving the old J-school movable video camera focusing on his Kiki Tiki.

Brak has joined Kiki and is singing to classical music.

The camera and set up were invented by John Graham, a great guy, who had Graham Technologies, which was later BroadWare, in the mid-90s. This particular setup is from around 1997 and it still works great (after we tweeked it a little) and Don fixed it to work with Firefox etc.

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