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Date: 2/11/2007

My favorite spam subject heading

embezzlement sweet potato.

I don’t know how this was created but it is worthy of Richard Brautigan reminding me some of his poem “Amelia Earhart Pancake.”


“The Amelia Earhart Pancake”

I have been unable to find a poem
for this title. I’ve spent years
looking for one and now I’m giving

November 3, 1970

My Representative – David Price

I was delighted today to get to talk a little with my Congressman, David Price, who has been a strong supporter of Network Neutrality and an opponent of Media Concentration.

David is highly clued on the issues and has made common cause with some unusual, for him, bedfellows such are the National Rifle Association and Focus on the Family. Not so unusual as voices that would be marginalized or excluded by the lack of Network Neutrality or the further increase of Media Ownership Concentration are at all parts of the political spectrum.

Plan the 15th year of ibiblio/sunsite

ibiblio logo
October 31, 2007 will be the 15th anniversary of the first public demo of at Educom in Baltimore. Yes there was a server named sunsite in place as early as May 1992 but our big debut and announcement was in October.

As some of you will remember, that announcement coincided with the complete and literal frying of the campus internet connectivity and if not for Judd Knott’s quick thinking there would have been no demo at all.

After the pipes — steam and water — broke above the routers and boiled the damn things like plastic and silicon lobsters, Judd had our server and disks driven out the MCNC and reconfigured so the demo could go on.

Now we’re back with servers at MCNC…

I’m asking you to help us think of ways that we can celebrate those 15 years. Some of the ideas might be related to raising funds, some related to raising our profile internationally, some related to raising support, and some to raising a bit of anniversary hell even.

Please add to the 15 year wiki and/or send me your ideas or leave comments here.

The Dollars and Cents of Place

In the South, the American South, the Southern part of Eastern North America, all the writers and such keep talking about having a strong sense of place.

Pascal Zachary, whose bio of Vannevar Bush I highly recommend, opines in today’s New York Times on why Silicon Valley, where he lives and writes, is the home of dollars and cents. His claim is that innovation is all about place and he cites some good examples.

There are of course counter examples all over. But the companies we think of when we think of the net are largely in Silicon Valley.

How can a lil ole epicenter of biotech, software and other innovations like RDU compete?

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