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Date: 2/13/2007

Carolina gets Funny

Judd Knott alerts us to the 2007 Carolina Comedy Festival with Louis Black, Bryan Tucker and more:

*2007 Carolina Comedy Festival*
A week full of…well you guessed it – COMEDY!!!
Featuring Comedy workshops, seminars, a movie and stand-up performances.
The culmination of the week’s events will be a performance by Lewis Black
and several other comedians!
See below for a detailed list of the week’s events. Wednesday, February 14 – Saturday, February 17

*“The Princess Bride”*
Wednesday, February 14th. 7:00 pm in the Union Auditorium

*Student Comedy Showdown*
“Only the funny survive…to open for Lewis Black!”
Come out and compete for the chance to open for Lewis Black
This event is open for UNC students and is FREE for spectators
Thursday, February 15th. 7:00 pm in the Union Cabaret

*Improv Workshop with Upright Citizens Brigade*
Come learn from UCB Creative Director Anthony King
Also featuring Lennon Parhan and Reic Scott from UCB
Friday, February 16th. 2-4 pm in the Union Cabaret

*Animation Workshop with Grey Blackwell*
Demonstration and advice from animation artist Grey Blackwell
Friday, February 16th. 2:00 pm in the Class of 2000 Lounge
For more information go to **

*Class with Black*
A 50-minute period with the man himself!
Topics will include: Political Comedy, what REALLY makes him mad,
Chapel Hill memories and much more…
Friday, February 16th. 4:30 pm in the Union Auditorium

*Director Paul Feig*
Director of *Arrested Development*, *Freaks and Geeks* and *The Office*
Paul will show an episode of “The Office” with commentary and host a Q&A session
This event is FREE and is open to the public
Friday, February 16th. 6:00 pm in the Union Cabaret

*Carolina Comedy Club*
A comic variety show featuring improv and stand-up from; Todd Levin, Bob Powers, UNC Alum – Bryan Tucker, and the Upright Citizens Brigade
This event is FREE and is open to the public
Friday, February 16th. 9:00 pm in the Union Cabaret

*Stand Up Comedy Seminar*
Hear from Lewis Black, Alonzo Bodden and Kathleen Madigan
Saturday, February 17th. 1:00 pm in the Union Auditorium

*Comedy Writing Workshop*
Bryan Tucker, a writer for “*Saturday Night Live*” and “*Chapelle’s Show*”, joins authors Bob Powers, Todd Levin and writer/director Paul Feig to explain the things you need to pursure a *career in comedy writing*
Topics include: writing and submitting for scripts, magazines and internet sites and what you can do as a student.
Saturday, February 17th. 2:30 pm in the Class of 2000 Lounge

*Lewis Black and Friends*
Saturday, February 17th. 7:00 pm Memorial Hall (tickets required)

All seminars and workshops are free for UNC Students. $5 each for general public.
Sign up via e-mail:

sunsite and PlanetFest 97

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In 1997, we landed on Mars and sunsite was there at the Planetary Society’s PlanetFest 97. Sally discovered this YouTube clip from PlanetFest:

On July 5, 1997, Dan Goldin officially commemorated the Pathfinder Lander as Carl Sagan Station at Planetfest ’97 in Pasadena, California. On behalf of the Sagan and Druyan families, Ann Druyan spoke to the event’s attendees to express her gratitude

The NYTimes has a great write-up on Sagan and Druyan ten years later in today’s Science section.

Whilst at PlanetFest, we met John Graham, whose technology we’re using right now for the GrindCam!

Help us plan for the 15th Year of ibiblio/sunsite here (blog) and here (wiki)

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