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Date: 2/15/2007

John Edwards Shoes?

I visited the John Edwards Campaign headquarters in Second Life today to check out what my homeboy was doing there. One unexpected treat was that I found some new shoes — I was still in SL newbie sandals.

The Ed Head shoes are kinda like running shoes for kids. You know the ones with Elmo heads on them. But these have John Edwards faces on the toes.

I’m not sure how I feel about Ed Heads but I notice that I’m still wearing them. You can get yours at Onnuri (159,30,87).

Open Access Day

erin watson of Carolina FreeCulture and Deborah Gerhardt of UNC Law alert us to The National Day of Action for Open Access TODAY!

Locally erin writes:

We have some flyers, stickers, and a petition from the national organization. Assuming the weather is okay, we will be disseminating the hell out of this stuff in the Pit from 10-2. If you enjoy disseminating the hell out of important information or just hanging out in the pit listening to cool Creative Commons licensed music and having good conversations, please stop by the table!

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