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Date: 2/18/2007

Week of Speakers coming up

Tuesday: Fred Kilgour Fest featuring a keynote by Michael Tiemann at 10:15
Thursday: Henry Copeland visiting my class at 11; Cory Doctorow at 2 at UNC; at 5 at Duke
Friday: Nan Lin at 3 at UNC

McIver at Tyndall’s (and NCCU)

B. McIver - Barber Shop for Girls
I should be writing on about the opening of the Beverly McIver show at Tyndall Galleries. I was there on Saturday night for the opening which was wonderful and will certainly take me back to see more with less witty and amusing people to distract me. I couldn’t make the gallery talk by McIver today nor have I made it out to NCCU to see the show there.

But Michele Natale has written up both shows for the News and Observer and has illustrated that long, especially for NandO on a show of paintings other than that by Manet, story with several good selections from the shows. The Tyndall Galleries site has a near complete selection of images from the current show.

Half-cocked still rocks

At the risk of being a David Menconi Fanboy, let me recommend his 1994 review of my neighbor Michael Galinsky‘s film “Half-cocked.” Michael and his then girl-friend now wife Suki Hawley made the film about an accidental indy band over a decade ago and it’s had strong underground/cult following since. The DVD is just out (last week) and showings are scheduled for various Triangle venues (see Menconi for listings).

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