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Date: 2/23/2007

Still processing: Henry Copeland, Cory Doctorow, Bob Bradley, Steve Buttry, Nan Lin

Among the interesting and inspiring people that I was able to spend time with over the past 36 hours were:

Henry Copeland of who took time off to come and talk to my class about his experiences doing start-ups and the current state of advertising on blogs. (Thanks Henry. There’s no substitute for real world experience when it comes to entrepreneurship and you showed us a lot in a short time).

Cory Doctorow, who was generous with his time at UNC and at Duke — we did sell out of Overclocked — and with Red Hat Magazine — see articles below for more on Cory’s visit and see the ibiblio Speakers page for a video of his UNC talk soon. Cory’s Salon article “Steve Jobs iTunes Dance” is worth going through the obligatory commercial to read.

Bob Bradley, “Rock and Roll Poet,” who took time over coffee this morning to talk about his plans for a multistate multimedia project that I am proud to say that ibiblio will try our damnest to be a part of. Bob’s working out of Tennessee State University on this.

Steve Buttry of American Press Institute who stopped by the UNC J-School to talk about the Newspaper Next project with my brilliant colleagues: Richard Cole, Phil Meyer, Frank Fee, Morris Rosenberg and Louise Spieler. A wonderful conversation.

Nan Lin
, whose work on Social Capital I’ve taught for several years now, was here at UNC to meet with the TRLN Fellows. I can’t believe that he’s been only 15 miles away, at Duke, and we’ve never met. A couple of hours with him is sure to have uplifted all of our ideas and conceptions of Social Capital and will I think move our Social Software researching groups in the School of Information and Library Science forward in a big way. Great colleagues there too. (Again I was on the run today and had to hog the first few minutes of questions and then run. Better questions were in the offing as Fred was talking as I ran out).

Who is the more closely related to E. L. Doctorow?

Cory Doctorow was here at UNC and at Duke yesterday speaking. Don’t worry if you missed the UNC talk; it’ll be online at the ibiblio speakers site early next week (Thanks, Joey).

Today we shot some video for Red Hat Magazine. One thing we didn’t talk about is: Who in the room is most closely related to E. L. Doctorow? Several folks have made the claim for Cory including his Wikipedia entry. I confess as you may have guessed; I am much more closely related to Uncle Edgar than Cory. E. L. “Uncle Edgar” Doctorow is married to my Grandmother’s sister. They met at Kenyon College. She from Hickory, NC and he from New York City.

Watch for the videos soon (I’ll post as soon as I learn they are available).

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