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Date: 2/28/2007

Does the Political Bent of Your Friends show Your Own Politics

Ask Fred’s Facebook API trick about “Your True Self”.

I broke myself a bit by claiming that I am Very Conservative but I was found out and ended up with this reading from Fred’s True Self oracle:

Your True Self: Very Liberal
Your friends say a lot about you. In your profile, you list yourself as being Very Conservative.

However, it looks like the political views of your friends might be telling you something! Indeed, most of your friends are very liberal. Don’t worry about this too much, it’s good to get exposed to different political views, even to those which you may not agree.

The scary part is that 25% of my friends claim to be Apathetic/Other.

Fred-mania in Independent

Fred Stutzman is there answering Fiona’s questions. Fred talks about ClaimID and namechecks his partner in crime business, TRel in the current Independent. Good brief discussion of how OpenID works with ClaimID.

David Grisman – Monday, March 5 @ 11

Dave the Dawg
What: “Conversation with David Grisman
When: Monday, March 5 11:00 a.m.
Where: Pleasants Family Assembly Room, Louis Round Wilson Library

The Southern Folklife Collection is hosting a conversation with composer and mandolin virtuoso David Grisman. The event will be moderated by Jocelyn Neal, assistant professor in the Department of Music.

More information

Bob Sutor – IBM VP for Open Source – March 14

Bob SutorBob SutorBob Sutor
Who: Bob Sutor, IBM Vice President for Open Source and Open Standards
When: 3 pm Wednesday, March 14
Where: 116 Murphey Hall UNC-Chapel Hill
What: a public talk by and conversation with Bob about IBM and Open Source and Open Standards

More: Bob is involved in the Open Document Format standard, Eclipse and WebSphere, Second Life, The IBM Open Patents Pledge and more. See his very active personal blog.

Sponsors:, School of Information and Library Science, Carolina Open Source Initiative, IBM Centers for Advanced Studies

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