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Rick Peterson to Washington and Lee

Old friend and former colleague, Rick Peterson, has just been named CTO of Washington and Lee University.

Copyright Clearance Center and ibiblio?

In my box this morning, a form from the Copyright Clearance Center. Supposedly, ibiblio has some money waiting for us based on use of material on our site. Errr we don’t have that kind of stuff. So shall I fill out the complex tax form that they sent me? Or possibly abandon the money if it were to exist?

Cory Doctorow posters ready. Talk 2/22 @ 2pm

Dan Lucas has Cory Doctorow posters made up and ready to print and post. Grab yours here and share with others.

Details of Cory’s upcoming talk here

At the Fred Kilgour Fest

At the “Legacy of Sharing Knowledge” celebration of the life of Fred Kilgour where OCLC CEO Jay Jordan is giving a biographical talk about Fred’s life. Very nice attention to the NYTimes obit for Fred which ended with a wonderful funny and illustrative bit about finding Fred’s book in WorldCat.

Jay ends with a quote from Longfellow‘s “Pslam of Life.”

Now a video of Fred speaking (late in life) about how he was inspired to work on sharing of catalogs between libraries and amongst book owners. He increased the number of available copies of “Gone with the Wind” by asking Harvard alums to contribute copies of that book.

Now an overview with testimonials. Appropriate since Fred was feisty and occasionally testy. Fred is now describing Google books and Amazon Search Within the Book without naming them directly as something to which he aspired. He wanted to deliver information directly to the readers based on their needs.

Joe Hewitt, former UNC Librarian, is giving a personal tribute to Fred.

Following Joe is Rebecca Vargas head of Special Librarians Association with her personal memories of Fred and of his birdwatching. Rufus Hummingbird was sighted on bird count day at Fred’s house. A rare sighting in the Eastern US. The Rufus is also described as feisty…

Gary Marchionini now speaks of his research discussions with Fred. “Fred didn’t talk to you but with you.” Fred as father of digital libraries.

Now Barbara Moran, who was Dean of the School of Information and Library Science, when Fred came to UNC. “Fred was splendid.” Fred always said he was splendid, himself. He quietly established emergency loan funds for SILS students at Schools across the country.

Next the current Dean, Jose-Marie Griffiths, is speaking about the Kilgour Faculty Development Fund and about her meetings with Fred including his talk about electronic information at the British Library.

Break then Michael Tiemann will speak.

“Sharing Knowledge, Multiplying Value” by Michael Tiemann. I’m not a very good slide blogger, but the talk is being recorded so you can watch it later. Michael makes many points and in particular ends by recommending The Generous Man: How Helping Others is the Sexiest Thing You Can Do

Number One Reason to Attend the HASTAC Conference

9:00 p.m [Thursday April 19] Reception in Nasher Museum Atrium. Music by Steve Burnett, thereminist. Exhibit pavilions will be open during the reception.

Now I have to check my calendar for those days! More on the lesser events here.

They Came from Space?

Don’t be Boston and start calling Homeland Security. But I saw these images pasted around town on little bits of plywood in several hard to reach places.

What are they?

Week of Speakers coming up

Tuesday: Fred Kilgour Fest featuring a keynote by Michael Tiemann at 10:15
Thursday: Henry Copeland visiting my class at 11; Cory Doctorow at 2 at UNC; at 5 at Duke
Friday: Nan Lin at 3 at UNC

McIver at Tyndall’s (and NCCU)

B. McIver - Barber Shop for Girls
I should be writing on about the opening of the Beverly McIver show at Tyndall Galleries. I was there on Saturday night for the opening which was wonderful and will certainly take me back to see more with less witty and amusing people to distract me. I couldn’t make the gallery talk by McIver today nor have I made it out to NCCU to see the show there.

But Michele Natale has written up both shows for the News and Observer and has illustrated that long, especially for NandO on a show of paintings other than that by Manet, story with several good selections from the shows. The Tyndall Galleries site has a near complete selection of images from the current show.

Half-cocked still rocks

At the risk of being a David Menconi Fanboy, let me recommend his 1994 review of my neighbor Michael Galinsky‘s film “Half-cocked.” Michael and his then girl-friend now wife Suki Hawley made the film about an accidental indy band over a decade ago and it’s had strong underground/cult following since. The DVD is just out (last week) and showings are scheduled for various Triangle venues (see Menconi for listings).

Rob Lord finds Dems as Slayer Fans at NYTimes

The story is great in so many ways. The NYTimes briefly put a picture of Slayer fans atop an article that begins “A Divided House Denounces Plan for More Troops” (screenshot of page).

Corrected page “A Divided House” here
and “For Some Unmellow Metalheads, Middle Age is Nothing to Fear” the Slayer review here.

The goof was discovered by Rob Lord, who back in his IUMA days was a sunsite/ibiblio contributor.

Reminding me to remind you that: YOU can help plan the 15th anniversary of sunsite/ibiblio! Just go to our developing wiki and have at it. We want to hear from you.

Thanks to Rob, Xeni and Boingboing

Doctorow vs Bush

A big Triangle area smackdown is coming on Thursday February 22:

  1. Cory Doctorow speaks at UNC at 2 pm and at Duke at 5 pm. Details here.
  2. George Bush will visit the Triangle the same day. No details yet. Only hints.

Menconi on Page 1A!

Like Whitman, our pal David Menconi sings of himself and that he has a story starting on the Front Page of today’s News and Observer.

SL + RL: Marchionini talk

In Second Life for Gary Marchionini’s talk. Also in Real Life. Can’t listen to the SL audio since I forgot my earphones so I’m listening in RL. Nice crowd in both worlds (lives?).

Fred has a Flickr or two of the talk.


Talk: Toward Multimedia Surrogation
Presenter: Gary Marchionini
Friday? Feb 16, Manning 208

This talk will explore the nature of surrogates for digital information. A multidimensional continuum of representations for
information objects is crucial to knowledge work in a digitally enabled multimedia environment. I will outline a framework for this
space and illustrate its genesis with examples from our work with the Open Video Digital Library and extend it to include new kinds of identity surrogates for our selves in cyberspace.

Marchioniniism alert! Proflection: combo of projection and reflection. that which is projected into cyberspace — including what others say about you whether you are aware of that or not, what machines and algorithms say/link about you and all of you projections and reflections. also includes conscious stuff like webpages, facebook profile or implicit like your clickstreams etc.

Others have noticed that “proflection” is a term that has been is use since the 1930s by therapists.


Was out at Red Hat World Headquarters yesterday where Greg DeKoenigsberg let me peek at the One Laptop Per Child which was running a version of Red Hat Fedora Core 6 Linux off of Greg’s flashdrive.

You can see pictures here and here and here. Notice Greg’s keys and flashdrive on the right side of the OLPC. The OLPC is running the little photo capture program and using the small built-in camera to take a picture of me taking a picture of it.

John Edwards Shoes?

I visited the John Edwards Campaign headquarters in Second Life today to check out what my homeboy was doing there. One unexpected treat was that I found some new shoes — I was still in SL newbie sandals.

The Ed Head shoes are kinda like running shoes for kids. You know the ones with Elmo heads on them. But these have John Edwards faces on the toes.

I’m not sure how I feel about Ed Heads but I notice that I’m still wearing them. You can get yours at Onnuri (159,30,87).

Open Access Day

erin watson of Carolina FreeCulture and Deborah Gerhardt of UNC Law alert us to The National Day of Action for Open Access TODAY!

Locally erin writes:

We have some flyers, stickers, and a petition from the national organization. Assuming the weather is okay, we will be disseminating the hell out of this stuff in the Pit from 10-2. If you enjoy disseminating the hell out of important information or just hanging out in the pit listening to cool Creative Commons licensed music and having good conversations, please stop by the table!

Nan Lin – Feb 23 – On Social Networks and Social Capital

Nan Lin
Who: Nan Lin
What: Social Networks and Social Capital, a session of the TRLN Doctoral Fellows seminar series on Issues and Trends in Academic Librarianship
When: Friday, February 23, 2007, 3 – 5 pm
Where: 214 Davis (second floor of Davis Library around the corner from the Elevators)

Kilgour Fest – Tuesday Feb 20

What: “A Legacy of Sharing Knowledge” A celebration of the legacy of Fred Kilgour
When: Tuesday, February 20, 2007
Where: School of Social Work Auditorium (morning) and School of Government, Auditorium (afternoon)

8:30 a.m. Continental Breakfast provided by SILSAA
Tate Turner Kuralt Building Lobby
9:00 a.m. Welcome
9:15 a.m. Tribute to Fred Kilgour from OCLC
9:45 a.m. Tribute to Fred Kilgour by SILS
10:15 a.m. OCLC/Kilgour Lecture
Michael Tiemann, Vice President, Open Source Affairs, RedHat
Question and Answer Session
11:30 a.m. Adjourn

Break for lunch on your own

Knapp-Sanders Hall, School of Government, Auditorium

“The Future of the Profession: Educational Needs of ILS Professionals in the 21st Century”

1:30 p.m. Welcome back/Introduction
Keynote Address
Robert L. “Jay” Jordan, President and CEO, OCLC, Online Computer Library Center

2:25 p.m. Panel 1 David Carr, Moderator
George Coe, Baker and Taylor
Charles Brown, Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Library
Judy Russell, Government Printing Office
*Another panelist’s acceptance is still pending

3:30 p.m. Panel 2
Michel Bezy, IBM
Mary Boone, State Librarian
Deborah Jakubs, Duke University Libraries
Duncan Smith, NoveList

4:30 p.m. Adjournment

And Perhaps to Mate…

Everyone in our School is excited by “The March of the Librarians.”

Friends n da Newz

GrindCam makes the “Library Line” is a weekly bulletin for University Library staff which has restricted access, so:

“Grindcam” at UL Reveals Potential Wait Time for Coffee (link only good within the UNC Library system)

Next time you’re wondering about the potential wait in line for your favorite cup of Daily Grind brew, check it out on the Grind Cam Web cam. Brought to you by, this camera is located in the R.B. House Undergraduate Library.

Peter Kramer writes in the Herald Sun on “Preparing for Disaster. His article begins:

Preparing for disaster

American Red Cross volunteers learn about setting up a shelter during an emergency training session on Monday at C.W. Stanford Middle School.

By Peter Kramer : The Herald-Sun
Feb 13, 2007 : 10:18 pm ET

HILLSBOROUGH — Ten American Red Cross volunteers walked across the gym floor at C.W. Stanford Middle School, opened the back door and opened the small van stocked with the various items they would need to convert the large room into an emergency shelter.

Stocked with 80 cots, blankets, a generator, first-aid kits, extension cords, toilet paper, registration forms and other items, the van had been towed from its usual resting place in a Hillsborough parking lot. After carrying some of the containers inside, the volunteers pored over the contents that would help shelter residents literally weather a storm or other local disaster.

[more at the link above]

Jock Lauterer writes that the Carrboro Commons now includes podcasts and imbedded audio.

Of course, Google News finds quite a few references to ibiblio.

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