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Date: 3/17/2007

The last Ze Frank and .org

I was in such a panic over the UNC vs MSU game — especially went it was tied up and things were looking tough for the Heels — that I almost let today slide by without a visit to Ze Frank to catch The Show’s final installment. If you are a long time Frank Fan aka SpeedRacer SportsRacer then you will be deeply touched. If you aren’t you need to go back and see enough older shows that you understand why this has been such a great year.

But like Ze says: Go visit his social community and sign up! I see a lot of ibiblians are there already — so’s you’ll be in with the k3w1 p33pz.

ibiblio move still in the news

Hard to realize that we were completely off the UNC campus and their network back in August AND our move is still news at least in a small way. Today in the Durham Herald-Sun (after the Durham Chamber’s announcement of new board members, etc).

But then the savings, reliability and increased access to great resources and support should be a story — and the creative use of National Lambda Rail to get access to better bandwidth markets should be a lesson to more than just ibiblio.

Snip of news here:, one of the largest digital libraries used by millions of people, is now being served to the world through the N.C. Research and Education Network Data Center at MCNC in Research Triangle Park.

The move, which began last fall, from UNC to the hub of NCREN at MCNC was not noticeable to the users who make an average of 14 million information requests each day, but founder Paul Jones said they would take note of future improvements.

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