Teen Spirit took over WCOM today from 10 – noon and will be back on tonight at midnight – 2 am. Can you tell it’s Spring Break? Tucker and friends not only played records, but also the single string guitar made its on air debut. It may be back tonight.

Fred and I were interviewed separately and together for CNNmoney‘s New Disruptors. I caused a small disruption by wearing a pin striped seersucker suit. I talked quite a bit for something that will probably boil down to 30 seconds to 3 minutes of air time. As you can imagine we spend a couple of hours walking and talking on a great spring day. Erick Schonfeld of Business 2.0 is a good conversationalist so we had plenty to say. The biggest downside for TV is that both Erick and I are expansive people. He has plenty to say too. I found myself trying to find ways to compress my ideas to an almost ridiculous extend which didn’t lead to a very fluid conversation. Finally I could explain Open Source software and non-market production this way: You understand how an Amish barnraising works. Open Source and non-market is like that in that everyone pitches in. But in this case everyone gets a barn including the people who didn’t even work on the raising.

Fred on the other hand was very concise and to the point in a good way as he explained ClaimID and how it works. I’m sure he’ll be blogging about this soon.

Afters we had a more relaxed conversation between the three of us outside at UNC’s Johnson Center for Undergraduate Excellence. I started to realize how much impact the past 15 years of sunsite/metalab/ibiblio have had on the local business scene as well as the not-for-profit scene. As we sat in the warm afternoon sun, I felt very lucky to have been a part of the journeys of so many lives and adventures. And more to come.

Finally, Tucker and I whipped up some of our famous violet jelly. By now we’re getting pretty good at this.