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Date: 4/11/2007

Twits show wit while Twittering

Fred has an article on Twitter at the site called “The 12 Minute Definitive Guide to Twitter.” No, it is not a 12 step program for Twitterholics but Fred does mention the Twitterholic site — and he quote the tweets of SILS alum and Twitter friend, Jason Griffy, in the article.

I was inspired to go grab Twitterrific which has great improved my twittering life. It’s a smart little application for OS X that aggregates and lets you manage your twittering friends and their tweets.

Tales of Two Theses

I was privileged to be on the committees for two interesting theses in Journalism in the past two days.

One challenged some of the assumptions of the Sundar study about recommendation source. Could customization be such a strong positive factor that recommendation source makes no difference at all? One of the findings of this forthcoming paper says it can be and is.

What causes students to decide to watch and pass on commercial messages they find on YouTube? The strongest reported responses were personalization and humor. If it ain’t funny, higher that average funny, it won’t get passed on.

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