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Date: 4/12/2007

Durham County Library Precision Book Cart Drill Team

You have to have WindowsMediaPlayer, but if you do you can see Durham Country Librarians celebrate National Library Workers Day (April 17) a little early this year.

Here in the Durham County Commissioners’ video of their meeting minutes we see the Durham County Library Precision Book Cart Drill Team in action.

Later the Chair of Commissioners reads a proclamation in honor of the workers efforts at keeping knowledge available to all citizens.

Thanks to Samiha Khanna of the News and Observer for pointing this out.

I Caused the Decline of Literature

A literature group that I participate in online — warren wilson alums –had turned into a complaint forum about the overuse of I in writing. This is a perennial complaint of course and often raised as as answer to why writing isn’t worth reading today (during whichever today this complaint is being registered). Where is mythic writing? Asked one member. (or perhaps the discussion started on the mythic as a cue for writing). I confessed thusly:

I Caused the Decline of Literature

Sex with a swan
is decidedly mythic;
sex with a swain
is mere arithmetic.

AMD Servers to power

ibiblio logoGroklaw logoAMD logo

Part of a press release we’re sending out today (full release here):

The popular, an Open Source legal news and discussion site, will soon be quicker to access because of a gift from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) to – the public’s library and digital archive located on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
The two dual-core AMD Opteron™ servers were presented to in support of to improve the speed and reliability of the site. has hosted since October, 2003.


“AMD is delighted to assist in keeping projects like Groklaw available to the open source community,” said Marc Miller, Open Source Relations Manager in the AMD Developer Outreach team. “This is part of our mission to support open standards, freedom of choice in operating systems, and foster the growth of industries important to the success of AMD products.”
The servers are expected to be in production by April 20, 2007.

UPDATE: Here’s how Groklaw announced it and how the readers are commenting.

UPDATE: The ever alert Jon Mills noticed that the story is now on SlashDot.

UPDATE: The Inquirer reports – “AMD bungs Groklaw some servers “

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