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Date: 4/24/2007

Bora should have this job!

Bora who was one of the main organizing forces (along with Anton and Brian) of the Science Blogging Conference in January, saw a great job being offered at the Public Library of Science. This one for PLoS ONE Online Community Manager.

He then blogged about how he would like to have that job but that he needed to talk with his family.

His readers and other friends encouraged him by commenting on the blog post.

Amongst the comments was this:

So should we take this blog post as a formal application?

Chris Surridge, Managing Editor, PLoS ONE

Posted by: Chris Surridge | April 21, 2007 04:19 PM

To which Bora replied:

Yes, why not. Check your e-mailbox.

Posted by: coturnix | April 21, 2007 04:36 PM

The fun and the job hunts continues and Bora has posted an update in which he asks those who know him and read his blog to post their recommendations in his comments.

So friends and readers of Blog Around the Clock, run on over and comment.

Doc needs Bloggy

Doc Searls blogs: Maybe I can get one to blog for me. Buy a used robot.

What Doc needs is Bloggy!

Bloggy circa March 2005

OCLC talk in mid-May – wiki is up

OCLC logo
I’ll be traveling to Dublin —- Ohio —- in mid-May to visit the folks at OCLC (which stands for OCLC) and talk about ibiblio and our projects here. I’m building my talk on my wiki so that folks at OCLC can comment (in Discussion) and/or add to and/or even modify the talk.

You’re welcome to do the same.

I don’t ever talk completely from the presentation materials but they do indicate the interest areas and give access to much more additional data and texts for later reading for folks who are interested.

Folks who feel more comfortable leaving comments on a blog are welcome to to so here.

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