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Date: 4/26/2007

Free Merle Fest Tix to a good home

Merle Fest

I won two day passes to Merle Fest! The tix are good on any day of the Fest. But as it turns out, I can’t get out of town to use them.

If you are interested in having these tix — and using them, let me know. They go to the first person who responds.

UPDATE: The tix are taken! I trust Frank will have a great weekend.

Jamie Bishop Fund

Some years back, I helped a talented undergrad create and teach a course on the “Post Modern Comic.” The course was a success largely because of the friendly and smart tech support provided by Jamie Bishop. I talked a little with Jamie and learned about his various interests — German, science fiction, digital illustration, an active and imaginative life. I was delighted to hear from him that both he and his wife had gotten jobs in Blacksburg, VA.

Then last week Jamie was shot down in the classroom.

Some of his friends alert us of a Support Fund in his name:

Dear Friends,

Jamie Bishop was our friend and colleague. He died tragically on Monday, April 16th while teaching German at Virginia Tech. He leaves behind a grieving family that faces financial challenges as they mourn. Many of you have offered support and condolences to his widow, Stefanie Hofer. We are grateful for this outpouring and in response we, his colleagues and friends, have created the “Bishop-Hofer Support Fund” to offer you a way to support Steffi and her family at this difficult time.

To make contribution, please make out a check to:

The Bishop-Hofer Support Fund

And send it to:
The Bishop-Hofer Support Fund
c/o Wachovia Bank
Blacksburg Financial Center
200 North Main Street VA7044
Blacksburg, VA 24060

Please feel free to pass this information to anyone you believe is interested in helping with this effort.

Robert Stephens
Heather Gumbert
Karl Larson
Greta Kroeker
Grace Kao

Free Culture chooses Lyceum

The national Free Culture movement HQ will be offering Free Software and free hosting to local chapters.

The software chosen for blogs? ibiblio’s own Lycuem!

Congratulations to JJB, Fred and Lyceum contributors.

OLPC: Roger McGuinn has ideas about connectivity

Writing as “DFMI (Dispatches From the Music Industry) correspondent” in’s Tech Observer, Roger McGuinn has some ideas about how to connect the OLPC to the Net. He begins with our abortive attempt to place the Folk Den songs on the OLPC and quickly moves to solar panel powered solutions.

Greg deK
mentioned using “Internet in a Box” [not the 1995 Spry/O’Reilly solution, but a big ole server with a fair sized disk] to supply a static version of say Wikipedia, MIT Courseware and the like in a conversation I had with him last week.

I think that the Air Jaldi wireless mesh being used in Dharamsala by the Tibetans can be a pretty good answer for a lot of places.

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