Bryant's Mandala of Caps

Today, I kept running into people I hadn’t seen in years.

At the BarCampSignal, Ted Johnson who was in an English department scramble rock band appropriately named Scrapyard is now doing space music and ambient electronica as Studio 713, Groove Stream Attractor and National Holographic (all in the same Flash interface). Pretty different stuff from the Rolling Stones and blues covers of Scrapyard.

Mark Hosler of Negativland gave a concert in tails. Mark was in tails not the concert that was in the Cats Cradle (photo by Steve B). Mark directed two other Negativlanders with a broken car antenna as they played on self-constructed instruments. Later Mark gave a talk at BarCampSignal. The Negs are still outLandish and fresh and funny and challenging.

Artist Bryant Holsenbeck
has been working with found materials for some years now. For a while, way way back when she reminds me, she worked in baskets which lead to hats and jewelry. Now she’s been doing larger projects — mostly installations — pictures of which can be seen online. I’m really impressed by her River of Caps projects and the Bottle Cap Mandalas.