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Date: 5/12/2007

Travels of Jones

After our graduation ceremonies tomorrow, I’ll be off to Dublin (Ohio) to visit the mothership, OCLC for a couple of days.
On my return, I’ll be at the DRIADE Workshop May 2007 “Digital data preservation, sharing, and discovery: Challenges for Small Science Communities in the Digital Era” sponsored by NESCent and the UNC Metadata Research Center on Wednesday.
Then I drive up to the mountains to Asheville for “Living in a City of Bits: digital preservation of our cultural heritage” to be held on Friday.
If you are near any of these places and want to have a cup of coffee, let me know. What to see suggestions always welcomed. I will definitely be visiting this cornfield!

Fake Steve Jobs Unmasked says ValleyWag

I love Fake Steve Jobs and when the blog disappeared for a while, vanished entirely really, I was among the most disappointed. Almost as disappointed as I am now to know that ValleyWag has, it says, unmasked Fake Steve. Fake Steve has his own candidates.

I’ll have a Cheerwine

Great mapping of what carbonated bevs are called down to the county level. The project is called Pop vs Soda, but here in Orange County, NC we know that we’re asking for coke, even when we really want Cheerwine. North Carolina is the state most clearly in the Other category (neither soda nor pop nor coke) we know what we want.

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