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Date: 5/20/2007

The Old Ceremony at Southern Village

Caught Django and company playing as the Old Ceremony tonight outside on the green at Southern Village. We were at their last Cat’s Cradle show only a few weeks ago. Tucker and a couple of his friends who are also WCOM Teen Spirit DJs were with us this time out. The audience was both much younger and much older than the Cradle crowd. More like the crowd that Django soloed to last summer at Saxapahaw. The band was sharp, as in on the spot and wellrehearsed, but frankly an outdoor concert calls for a better sound system than was available. It was passable but a band with as much and as diverse instrumentation as TOC calls for great onstage monitors and someone full time on the boards. Everyone had a great time. Many of the folks were diehard TOC fans it seems — I didn’t remember seeing them at the Cradle though. TOC opened with “Morning Glories”

Set list:
Morning Glories
Something Going On (not out yet)
Poison Pen
Talk Striaght (jokes and references to the video and concert footage done for Carolina For Kibera)
American Romeo
Blood and Oil
Until My Voice is Gone (not out yet)
(Can’t play Radio Religion as it requires more that a one handed piano player. TOC’s Pianoman has his right arm in a cast)
Bao Qian
Papers in Order (which also has a video. Some of the folks in the audience are in it)
Carry the One
Hearts are Made (To Be Broken) [current download on MySpace]
Get to Love
Our One Mistake
Dumb Down
The Motions

Intellagirl on Twitter vs Jaiku

Sarah Robbins (and some friends) on Twitter vs Jaiku and others and the future of IM.

Note: Social Presence (SPS) systems aren’t about “Lunch” “Shower” “Cab” that dull narcissistic catalog of an unreflected and unsurprised life but about “giving the URL of a great website, a snippet of a news story, or a link to a new blog post. The conversations aren’t one sided either. Lots of folks start their messages with an “@soandso” to direct their messages in reply to another message. Jaiku has comments on entries so sub-conversations can start as well.” Right on Intellagirl.

I love Locopops

Today is a Locopops day! It’s warm — about 80 F. I’ve been up and cooking exotic eggs — made exotic by what’s left in the fridge. I’m making coffee my way — after being on the road for about a week. I’ve been to the gym — where otherwise harmless weights were waiting for me to disturb them and they in turn disturb my muscles. I finished the NYTimes Xword. Mexican Chocolate, although not a regular, is still on the Locopops menu.

Later this evening, The Old Ceremony is playing outdoors at Southern Village.

I have been pretty feckful this week. Today I feel free to be feckless.

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