If things work out right, I’ll be posting about the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals at Geekdad. The timing would be perfect as we’re about to leave for East Lansing and the Maker Faire — a kind of tech without theater adult version of OM — has just been covered by Geekdad reporters.

Twitter was just covered by NPR a couple of hours ago. Consensus amongst a few of us is that even though we love Twitter and tweet often — and wittily and informatively — the story showed that Twitter has likely jumped the shark. And the story wasn’t really told. Twitter is good when the content is good and interesting. Otherwise it’s just “I’m busy.”

Also just did a brief email interview about this year’s Blooker with the Swedish publication GÖTEBORGS-POSTEN. I hope my writing looks better with a lot of umlauts scattered throughout.

Speaking of Blooker interviews, fellow judge Julie Powell turns in a smart interview with an Italian publication titled “I Was Just So Relieved the Zombie Didn’t Keep a Blog”