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Date: 6/11/2007

Pirates are way out; Zombies are out. Are we left with Ninjas?

Even before Pirates 3 drove a sabre into what small amount of coolness was left in piracy, we noticed that “Pirates are so in that they are out.”

We had been wondering which of the trends hiding in the shadows of culture would become mainstream then go from cool to cold. The two top candidates: Ninjas and Zombies. This contest has Zombies replacing Pirates in the great Pirates versus Ninjas controversy.

Zombies have been having their own parties and flash mobs which makes them a good bet. A zombie novel, Monster Island, was a Blooker Prize finalist this year. Although one judge dissed the book for it’s zombie birds. We replied that we liked and somehow understood zombie birds, but we’ve never understood why the British considered Benny Hill funny.

Now uses T-Rex to explain the rise and the end of Zombies begining by saying “I have some bad news: zombies are in danger of becoming old hat!” His solution: Zombie birds! and other things revealed in the strip.

I think we’re left with Ninjas!

More Answers to HDTV Question

The older answers roll off My Questions into godknowswhere, so I’ll preserve them here:

Paul asks…
If you could program an HDTV show for Internet2-casting, what would it be?

Jay Cuthrell:
Place a camera inside of a ballistic grade dome on PTZ control that is linked to Internet control that is scheduled for major concert events. Once a month would be at a random open mic night somewhere in the rural US with a sponsor decal reset position.
Babatola Oguntoyinbo:
I want to see what artist workspaces look like from NYC to the Outback, from Mexico City to the Mekong Delta. And I want them all to answer the same question, “What makes you create?”. I want to produce it too – I’ve already worked the logistics.
Aaron Fulkerson:
Documentary of college campuses.
Jeffrey Pomerantz:
Re-shoot the Doctor Who missing episodes using the original scripts, but with new actors, and period costumes and film stock.
Michael Williams:
Well-known bloggers mud-wrestling to settle ideological debates.
Daniell Krawczyk:
The best of North Carolina as created by its citizens
Lorraine Eakin:
Reality show featuring shots of a Peruvian shamanistic healer, a Wall Street Broker and an unemployed street hustler living together for a month

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