When it’s on iPhone.

Testing out the YouTube app on the new iPhone and I was super-impressed by the quality and speed of the download on the WIFI network.

But this morning I tried to search for some of the videos that amused me most. Less Okay-Go and more 60s concerts. Searching for “Byrds” didn’t give me any Byrds concerts when searching on the iPhone’s YouTube utility. It gave me Paris Hilton getting out of jail and someone named Byrd shouting at her. Names of Bryds members gave me no videos found!

But back on the web at YouTube.com, I got lots and lots of Byrds. No problem.

Testing with “Chumbawamba” gets one vid on the iPhone with “Tubthumping” in the background as dominoes fall down in a spiral.

Back on YouTube.com, lots of great Chumbawamba videos are found.

YIKES! Is the iPhoneTube only licensed material? Is the great old stuff and the new crazy homebrew stuff cut out?

Others experiences?

Just Boingboinged. (Thx Xeni).