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Date: 7/5/2007

We 101

G’boro 101 creator Roch Smith announces We 101:

I wanted to let you know about a new site I just launched: . It allows people to find and read blogs by location. I hope you will take a look and add your blog.

I did add myself and my blog. And you can too. The Chapel Hill feed aggregation is here.

We 101

BarCampRDU – Signup is on! Camp is August 4

Fred announced the opening of the sign-up for BarCampRDU this morning and over 100 people signed on before 4 pm!

The BarCampRDU blog has the announcement and the BarCampRDU wiki has the sign-up. Add yourself and come and contribute.


iPhone reboot

My iPhone started losing its mind.

First it ignored the “slide to unlock” slide. No motion would make it go. I found a workaround: make the slide motion anywho and then press the on button.

But eventually, Safari began to crash at odd times. The other apps would crash. Things were getting worse. Even sliding between photos would cause the app to abort and I’d be thrown back to the home screen.

A reset seems to have fixed it all. Just hold down the on/off button at the top right of the iPhone at the same time you hold down the home button at the bottom center for about three seconds. Eventually you see the Apple logo and then shortly after you are rebooted and reset. For me the problems were all cleared up.

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