The town leaders of Mebane, NC are up in arms over a request by film maker Phoenix Mangus to block off the main street for a 300 zombie shoot.

Phoenix Mangus, a Mebane resident and low-budget film maker, asked the city to let him close West Clay Street from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. the night of Aug. 18 and the morning of Aug. 19. He wants to shoot a massive zombie attack for his horror/comedy movie.

The working title of that movie was “The Redneck Zombies of Mebane,” but he has since changed it.

In the script, Mangus told the Times-News, contaminated dip tobacco turns users into flesh-eating zombies who attack a small town. A diverse cast of zombie killers, including a waitress and a pig farmer, do battle with them.

Quite a discussion following the news posting above.

Director Mangus gives us a taste of his taste here at Metacafe in British Accent (shot at a fine West Clay Street business) and on his MySpace pages.