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Date: 7/23/2007

Shocking news: Another Newspaper Vanishes!

As Phil Meyer has predicted, things aren’t getting any prettier out there. Even our national standards are not immune to the changing news market.

Whether by Aliens, Zombie Elvii or by that worse of all evils Declining Readership there seems to be no doubt that the Weekly World News, “The World’s Only Reliable Newspaper,” is shutting down.

I will continue to cherish my September 25, 2001 edition which heads “Bill Catches Hillary With Space Alien!” “Exposed: Romantic Nights in NY Love Nest!” (More Photos inside!).

Read more here! And HERE!

BarCampRDU needs and reminders

August 4 is BarCampRDU! We’re pretty well signed up, but we still have some needs — wireless routers, projectors, a PA system. See it all at the BarCampRDU blog and help out.

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