Has Been cover

Dave Menconi can’t get behind celebrity vanity recordings. He forgets that Bill Shatner is a true artist whose self-awareness sets him far ahead of the pack specifically in his 2004 Ben Folds produced project “Has Been.”

I say in the thread to Dave and a Nimoy-defender:

In his dreams, Nimoy is half as self-aware as Shatner.

“Has Been” made it to number 22!

“Transformed Man” well good for a yuck, but also as a template for what could be and was transformed by Folds into something unique and wonderful — “Has Been” The great Joe Jackson piano on “Common People” is worth the time to download (err buy). The guitar (Adrian Belew) on “I can’t get behind that” is as good as the Rollins-Shatner interaction. Then there is “That’s me” Lyrics by Nick Hornby.

Further evidence that Shatner is the greatest: “Common People” with Folds, Jackson and others on Conan O’Brien.