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Date: 8/3/2007

You used the soap; now see the movie

Dr. Bronner! You’ve used his soap; now see the movie! The Magic Soapbox is out, but will it come to NC?

Dr. BronnerMovie Poster

Hector and Adidas retold

From Geneva, old school ibiblian Jim Fullton’s feet star as Adidas, the legendary courtesan of Chene Bougeries, Switzerland in thie dramatic retelling of “Hector and Adidas.”

BarCampRDU Pre-Party Friday at Tyler’s Derm!

Tonight! Be there or be superscripted with a 2. BarCampRDU Pre-party and BarCampRDU itself tomorrow.

Here’s an interview that I did last year about BarCamp with Matt Frye.

Red Hat’s Greg DeKoenigsberg talks with Matt about BarCampin’ 2006 here

Security Theatre is it required?

NYTimes’ Brad Stone reflects on a talk by Mr. Security Bruce Schneier at the Black Hat Conference in “The Weird Pyschology of Security.”

Schneier’s talk is broader than Stone’s focus (see link to entire talk below) but Stone gets it right in this conclusion:

Mr. Schneier’s message: It’s foolish to ask us to be rational about risks. And sometimes “security theater” – like the stuff we see at the airport – can actually have a purpose when there’s a need to reassure people that they really are safe. But such displays can still be harmful when there are no solid security measures to back them up.

Read the entire talk at Schneier’s site.

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