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Date: 8/5/2007

I (heart) BarCampRDU, Weird Al, and Fiesta Grill

My weekend in three locations.

BarCampRDU (Flickr photos tagged barcamprdu and technorati posts tagged barcamprdu)

Weird Al at Carowinds exceeded expectations as they say in school surveys. His parody of Michael Jackson’s “Bad” as “Fat” done in a fat suit was one of the best of his many many costumed performances.

I cannot say enough good things about the food at the Fiesta Grill. If the Fiesta were closer than the taco trucks, I’d only eat Mexican at the Fiesta.

I didn’t really want to know this

Forbes famous anti-Linux editor/writer, Daniel Lyons, revealed as the fabulously funny, satiric, and mean Fake Steve Jobs by Brad Stone of the NYTimes.

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