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Date: 8/6/2007

My iPhone is now an iRadio/iPod

Thanks for the latest upgrade to the iPhone, Apple. One barely announced “fix” is that now my iTrip works as more than an iPhone charger. I can play the podmusic and podcasts just like I shoulda been able to do on day one. Thanks to Simon and Walt for pointing that out and more.

Nine words of Wisdom on karaoke

I talked for a long time with News and Observer reporters about copyright, ASCAP, and karaoke performances in local bars. Of course it’s not only about karaoke; it’s about all performance of the works of artists, composers and publishers represented by ASCAP. Any how, I got nine words into print edgewise: “The law is about performance rights for the creators,” but also read it in context here. Yes, it’s about more than that. I know. I said more.
I applaud The Cave in Chapel Hill for their sign and their policy “Attention all musicians: No cover songs. Original music only.”

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