Breaking from the puzzle this morning, I found two interesting articles that will be getting play on the net and they deserve that play. I’m passing on the American company that developed the people tracking system for China as I think there should be a longer and even more thoughtful investigative piece to come out on that later.

There is a good article on the ConnectU vs Facebook suit, “Who Owns the Concept if No One Signs the Papers?” by Jason Pontin. Pontin contents, citing some smart lawyers, that ConnectU will lose as it had no contract and no NDA or non-compete with Facebook’s Zuckerberg. Lessons here for young entrepreneurs.

John Mackey, granola baron of Whole Foods, and his sock puppetry get the attention of Christopher Caldwell in the Sunday Magazine as he writes “Not Being There” about online identity and anonymity. Just what are the rules and social norms when it comes to identity and anonymity on the Net? If you were born before 1970, you don’t really know says Caldwell — so tell me.