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Date: 8/13/2007

What we can learn from Zombies

Doug Rushkoff explains how zombie movies are actually educational films that teach us about our own culture and its failings in Discover.

Interestingly enough, Doug’s “Screenagers” (revised and renamed “Playing with the Future“) is subtitled “Lessons In Chaos From Digital Kids”; as “Playing” it was subtitled “What We Can Learn from Digital Kids.”

Do or did Kids == Zombies?

Carrboro Citizen on Night Out

Carrboro Citizen Kirk Ross’ Flickr stream from last week’s neighborhood night out here and his brief article here.

Rove quitting to spend more time with his iPhone

The funniest “Rove resigns” entry may be the most factual. I do hope he figures out how to do mass email deletions on the iPhone and that he shares that info with the rest of us.

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