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Chocolate Rain Reigns

The original by Tay Zonday.
As Vanilla Snow?
As performed by McGruff the Crime Dog
As a MacDonald’s advert with Willie Tyler and Lester.
As evidence that Tre Cool is not so cool.
As done by Darth Vader.
As done by Chad Vader.
As done by Kuato.
Tay at MySpace
Tay’s own favs including this Verizon advert spoof.

Solar the film

About 10 minutes spent watching Solar the Film are spent better than any other way you’ll spend 10 minutes or less

Absorbing the Big Picture: Immersion and Interactivity in Science Education video

Steve groupblogs about id’s presentation at NASA on the HASTAC blog and points us to a video of the talk.

War on Zombies Announced

Ken alerts us to this Presidential initiative — involving zombies.

Dealing with Diversity (Zombie edition)

Jason, Mur and others at have put together this educational video about dealing with “Zombies in the Workplace”. Helpful pointers for proper behavior, etc.

A Snip from the History of Research Fraud

David H. sends this as an IM:

David: 1974, William Summerlin, reported that he could transplant tissue from genetically unrelated animals without rejection.

Summerlin demonstrated his claims by showing white mice that had black patches on their backs because their skin had been transplanted from unrelated black donor mice.

Summerlin used a black felt-tip marker.

he’s my all-time favorite research misconduct example

Me: he kept a straight face?

David: yes, at the sloan-kettering institute for cancer research and he made his demonstration to robert good

a technician took a look and ratted him out

Isaac Newton may have adjusted calculations to fit observations.

Gregor Mendel’s results with pea plants were cleaner than what is observed, experimentally, indicating that he might have changed the data.

Robert Millikan, in a research paper describing the charge of an electron, failed to mention that he eliminated some data points.

Brewster in Library Journal Interview

Kristina sends out the alert to all of us that Brewster Kahle is interviewed by the Library Journal’s Andrew Richard Albanese in “Scan This Book: In the race to digitize the public domain, is the future of the library at stake?”

Brewster speaks here in his Open Content Alliance capacity, but of course we know him from and the emerging Open Library

at, we’re involved in several projects with Brewster and his various organizations.

My Blogging Colleagues

The J-School is full of smart writers and experienced reporters. Many of them are now blogging. The latest to announce a blog are Leroy Townes and Anne Johnston with their Talk Politics blog.

Others already blogging are:

Thinking About College Teaching
A forum for the improvement of college teaching by Professor Emeritus Tom Bowers.

Talking Biz News
Information about business journalism from the Society of American Business Editors and Writers and Chris Roush, associate professor and director of the Carolina Business News Initiative.

Weblog for Midcareer Copy Editors
Funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and hosted by the UNC School of Journalism and Mass Communication.
(UPDATE Andy Bechtel writes: The Midcareer Copy Editors blog, like the institute itself, has been on hiatus.)

Blue Highways Journal
Carolina Community Media Project director Jock Lauterer blogs about his travels across North Carolina doing his “Community Journalism Roadshow.”

The Editor’s Desk
Andy Bechtel is an assistant professor at the School. His blog is a discussion of writing and editing of all sorts, with an emphasis on the concerns of the newspaper copy desk

Facebook and Fred get Newsweek Love

Newsweek gives serious cover story love to Facebook including this quote from Fred (just before a quote from Robert Putnam):

“Facebook is becoming a different place as it attempts to mass-market itself,” says Fred Stutzman, a University of North Carolina grad student who researches social networks. “Do I want to be friends with my uncle?”

Bora on Science FOO Camp

Had a great coffee session with Bora yesterday. He was very excited about his work with the Public Library of Science and about his recent trip to Science FOO Camp held at the Googleplex and featuring top scientists like Freeman Dyson, Martha Stewart and the Amazing Randi. His blog entries here.

Some of the folks he met there will be coming to the 2008 Science Bloggers Conference here in January.

What we can learn from Zombies

Doug Rushkoff explains how zombie movies are actually educational films that teach us about our own culture and its failings in Discover.

Interestingly enough, Doug’s “Screenagers” (revised and renamed “Playing with the Future“) is subtitled “Lessons In Chaos From Digital Kids”; as “Playing” it was subtitled “What We Can Learn from Digital Kids.”

Do or did Kids == Zombies?

Carrboro Citizen on Night Out

Carrboro Citizen Kirk Ross’ Flickr stream from last week’s neighborhood night out here and his brief article here.

Rove quitting to spend more time with his iPhone

The funniest “Rove resigns” entry may be the most factual. I do hope he figures out how to do mass email deletions on the iPhone and that he shares that info with the rest of us.

NYTimes on Facebook and Sockpuppets

Breaking from the puzzle this morning, I found two interesting articles that will be getting play on the net and they deserve that play. I’m passing on the American company that developed the people tracking system for China as I think there should be a longer and even more thoughtful investigative piece to come out on that later.

There is a good article on the ConnectU vs Facebook suit, “Who Owns the Concept if No One Signs the Papers?” by Jason Pontin. Pontin contents, citing some smart lawyers, that ConnectU will lose as it had no contract and no NDA or non-compete with Facebook’s Zuckerberg. Lessons here for young entrepreneurs.

John Mackey, granola baron of Whole Foods, and his sock puppetry get the attention of Christopher Caldwell in the Sunday Magazine as he writes “Not Being There” about online identity and anonymity. Just what are the rules and social norms when it comes to identity and anonymity on the Net? If you were born before 1970, you don’t really know says Caldwell — so tell me.

I (heart) SXPHW

Went out to Saxapahaw to take in the Farmer’s Market and Django Haskins show. This is Django solo and non-electric for the most part. The Farmer’s Market has really grown and expanded. The winery across the road has a nice selection and a tasting table. Several folks are selling locally made cheeses. And there was a taco truck! Not with tacos but with BBQ Joint BBQ and Gumbo. Yummmm! Heather was nice enough to give us an SXPHW sticker to go with out Cackalacky one. Sally has pictures here.

Django’s set list:
A new song that begins “Face like a window”*
Morning Glory
American Romeo
Boy Prince*
Poison Pen
Ready to Go*
Stubborn Man*
Never Felt Better
There won’t be any more (written by Charlie Rich – only non-original in the set)
Talk Straight
Bao Qian
Blood and Oil
State Road Valentine
Green Grass of Elsewhere
Get to Love
Plane Song
Don’t be afraid of love


“Novell owns Unix, not SCO” says court

SCO Group who claimed to own Unix and therefore, in their suit against IBM, Linux, has been found to never have owned Unix in any way shape or form in the first place.

Groklaw’s version of the story and Wall Street Journal says “Court Ruling Gives Novell Copyright in Unix System”.

Finally and briefly ComputerWorld reports:

Groklaw reports (and, as usual, has the actual decision) that SCO Group has just lost virtually everything left of its lawsuits against IBM and Novell over Linux.

According to the ruling issued today by U.S. District Court Judge Dale Kimball:

* Novell is the owner of the Unix copyrights. As a result, SCO’s suit gainst Novell for “slander of title” is dismissed.
* Novell also has the contractual right to waive any claims of misuse of Unix by IBM (which Novell has repeatedly done). As a result, much if not all of SCO’s suit against IBM will shortly be dismissed.
* SCO must pay Novell at least some of the license fees paid under its SCOSource program by Microsoft, Sun Microsystems and other licensees.

No reaction from IBM or SCO, but SCO will presumably appeal.

Novell’s official statement as of 6pm PDT:

From Joe LaSala, Novell senior vice president and general counsel:

“In the spring of 2003, Novell set out to ensure that SCO’s groundless claims would not interfere with the development of Linux. Today’s court ruling vindicates the position Novell has taken since the inception of the dispute with SCO, and it settles the issue of who owns the copyrights of UNIX in Novell’s favor. The court’s ruling has cut out the core of SCO’s case and, as a result, eliminates SCO’s threat to the Linux community based upon allegations of copyright infringement of UNIX. We are extremely pleased with the outcome.”

Elvis + Chainsaw + Zombies = Fine Art

It came from Rawlee and will open in theaters on two continents on August 16Elvis’ Grave. Trailer of “Chainsaw scene.”

When will AI surpass human-level intelligence?

Bruce Klein asks a bunch of folks the question above is a brief survey that looked like this (once I filled it in):

+Paul, quick question… when do you think AI will surpass human-level intelligence?

caveat: AI isn’t attacking the full spectrum of known human intelligence.
In the case of simple to nearly complex logic. AI is there. In the case of
social and emotional and situational intelligences, perhaps never or at
least not until we understand those intelligences well enough to model

that said here’s a stab at general intelligence and AI

+[ ] 2010-20
+[X] 2020-30 (complex logic)
+[ ] 2030-50
+[ ] 2050-70
+[ ] 2070-2100
+[ ] Beyond 2100
+[ ] Prefer not to make predictions
+[X] Other: see caveat above

Results and an opportunity to fill in the survey yourself here.

ID at Goddard: Noon TODAY!

David id McConville writes to alert us that he is giving a presentation at NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center about collaborations between media artists, scientists, and educators to use visualization tools for encouraging big picture thinking TODAY at Noon. NASA: Committee for Education & Public Outreach – Calendar for more.

If you can’t get to Goddard today, you can still watch or listen to David’s talk:

Off Site Access
This talk will be Webcast at:

NOTE: You will need to have Microsoft MediaPlayer installed to view this Webcast. Alternatively, folks may tune in via telephone for audio only by dialing 1-866-819-9680; passcode = 990261.

Night Out with the Neighbors

Last night was the Community Night Out in Chapel Hill, Sally and I started up at the Carolina Car Wash where Carrboro meets Chapel Hill and walked with what began as a small group through the Northside neighborhood. The group grew dramatically as we strolled through the neighborhood toward the Hargraves Center. News and Observer reporter Meiling Arounnarath captures a bit of the walk in this article (see the Chapel Hill section) Communities have a night of resolve along with several quotes from me.

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