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Date: 10/22/2007

For Sale: JJB’s PowerBook that has had brushes with semi-important people

You can bid on JJB’s PowerBook G4 – 1.67GHz – 2G RAM – 100G HD – AppleCare!! – (eBay item 230183388706 end time Oct-29-07 17:07:06 PDT). It has an ibiblio sticker on it AND it has been in the same room as semi-important people! (see description).

Installing Lyceum – the movie

JJB screencasts about the best ways to install Lyceum. This makes it really easy and really clear.

Libraries Shun Deals to Place Books on Web – New York Times

Last week whilst I was in Kansas, Donald Sizemore, one of our ibiblio sysadmins, and Simon Spero, one of our Internet heroes, were out in SFO for the Open Content Alliance meeting. This morning the New York Times covers the meeting and OCA

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