Dustin the Turkey (Buzzard)
Most of us, in the USA, can understand Lordi — Finnish heavy metalists who are also heavy on costume and makeup in a monsterly way. And a song like “Hard Rock Hallelujah” sounds somewhat familiar. So when Lordi won the EuroSong contest, we were relieved that there was something there more that mind deadening Euro-pop.

But now the Irish have upped the ante but offering a sock puppet named Dustin the Turkey singing “Irelande Douze Pointe”. Oddly I think that Dustin is onto the essence of EuroSong!

As a side note, I’d say that Dustin is not a turkey as we in the USA know turkeys, but more properly — if the word proper can be used in connection with Dustin — he is a turkey buzzard.Neither birds are native to Europe, which might make Dustin the first bird of American ancestry to represent Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest