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Date: 3/20/2008

Jones on Borders on the Block

Janet Babin of Marketplace called this morning to get me to talk for her piece “Borders may be on its final chapter.” I talked. She chose this:

Janet Babin: Borders blames the economic downturn for its challenges. But the company has struggled to define itself — it’s not a deep discounter, and it’s not a well-known hangout scene either.

Paul Jones runs the internet archive at the University of North Carolina. He says Borders is also losing out to online competitors like Amazon. They can offer you any book you’re looking for.

Jones says there’s only two ways for brick and mortar stores to compete with that kind of inventory:

Paul Jones: One is to create an incredible atmosphere in which people want to be there, and the other is to have the deepest, deepest possible discounts. And I don’t think Borders took on either one.

Janet Babin: Borders says its largest shareholder, a hedge fund, will loan it money to keep it in business — and may end up buying part of the company.

My Favorite Blogging Public Servant Interviewed

Chapel Hill Town Council member, Sally Greene, is interviewed about what it’s like to be a blogging public official by Municipalist.

Anti-Obama tweet sinks McCain staffer

It must have seemed cute at the time, but later he was suspended from the campaign. Soren Dayton tweeted once too cutely with an offensive YouTube link just after noon today. That was enough to sink him. Story here on

Just as we were talking with the UNC System lawyers about IMs!

Should IMs be public records?

Jimbo found out the hard way what happens when private IMs go public. In a few minutes, I’ll be down at UNC General Administration talking about IM and law. I made this table of IM and IM-like services with the help of my Tweet-buddies.

I donno how much of this will be public, but I’m interested in what you think. Should IM conversations amongst state employees be subject to public records law? Should we be required to archive them? Should they be subject to discovery?

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