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Date: 3/23/2008

Misc on Sunday

Louis St Lewis looks elegant here but his opposite is even more so.

Larry Lessig is up for fixing Congress starting now.

F-Secure shows how China is using not only propaganda but malware and spyware against Tibet.

Boise State is the latest to convert their campus to GMail and Google Docs.

Appscout claims that Facebook is passing MySpace and further predicts the death of MySpace.

I will not mention Twitter’s ColorWars.

Updating some of the ibiblio activites since September on the wiki. Please help out if you can.

MSFT and Conversation?

Geert Desager blogs using WordPress whilst he promotes the video advert he shot for Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions (in the Netherlands). Can MSFT think different about advertising? Geert’s advert draws a ClueTrain card or two that should belong in MSFT’s hands, but will they play that card or hold? We’ll see next week whilst I’m at the Microsoft Technology Summit in Redmond.

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