Today I tweeted “What would you teach in an Open Source track in Information Science?” Since my tweets also get carried over to Facebook, FriendFeed and even to the sidebar of this blog, I want to bring together some of the comments here:

@smalljones Good ?, tons! inventive uses of OS tech to preserve, catalog, and share info. How it can change the way we interact with info…

I think that could be a really good track to add to SILS, there’s tons of great stuff you could do! Which I’m sure you know 🙂

@smalljones: I’d look at OSS tools for building online collections of “stuff” (e.g., DSpace, Greenstone), but then again, I’m biased.

How to drive UX, IA, etc. in FLOSS projects as part of a distributed team

@smalljones is the goal to create experts in open source ideology or in open source technology?

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