I agree with Phillip Rosedale! Not about the easy of use of the Second Life interface, but about innovation to productivity being the best path for a young company to take. Rosedale gets a lot of attention and quotes in Janet Rae-Dupree’s article in the NYTimes today (in print just above an article that upsets some of my tweeple about criminalsearches.com).

Also mentioned is Seth Godin’s book title, Small is the New Big. Rae-Dupree hints that Seth’s book is on smallness and agility; it’s not that’s in a lot of the essays that make up the collection of course but there is that one great and on the point essay from which the book takes its title.

Those who pay attention to my various speakings know that I’ve been using Seth’s essay (and book) to make that point about ibiblio and who we work there for the past few years.

Yes, small is the Future of Work — so Thomas Malone tells us — and ibiblio like Linden Labs is a believer or is that believers? (see my talks including a recent TriLUG video).

And thanks to the other Paul Joneses in North Carolina for keeping our joint criminal records info cloud clean!